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Cancer insight logo and web content meeting notes 3.18.14

Victoria, Sarah, Stan and Mark met with Steven White and Dr. Peoples to present the three tight pencil sketch logo options. Then, Stan and Mark stepped out and Sarah and Victoria led a conversation about the external website content and requirements.

Web Content Discussion

It became clear during this conversation that Dr. Peoples has made an incorrect assumption that both the internal communications solution and the public facing site will all be a single entity. He described the push for internal communication functionality as 80% of the drive behind this web engagement.


The primary audience for the site now is patients, trial sites, and any general public wanting more information about Cancer Insight. Potential trial sponsors will soon be a main audience, but not yet.


The rough outline we provided was well-received by the client, and they only made one minor addition. Otherwise, they feel that we understood the content that needs to appear on the external site very well.

Dr. Peoples is of the less is more camp when it comes to web content. Wants to appear established and professional, without burying users in unnecessary content. According to him, about 90% of the site content already exists. TBX may assist in editing and culling down what content appears on the site, as well as strategically recommending how to introduce and present information.

Levels of security (lowest to highest) and relevant content

-Public (external WordPress site):

About Us

  • to illustrate who Cancer Insight is “bones of the company”
  • establish the history of the company—where it came from and where it’s going. When asked about possibility of linking Cancer Insight’s history to the CVDP, Steven and Dr. P strongly agreed that the history should be featured. Dr. P would like to ”make a strong link between the two”
  • to promote a professional reputation. Showing validity and giving a presence.

Trial Information

  • Activities of the company—active trials (4 currently, but more to come), their overviews, link to, and who users should contact for more information
  • Less technical and more in patient/laymen’s terms ( has a patient portal and a doctor/research portal)

General information

  • Links to journal publications/articles
  • Link to presentations and national meetings
  • Link to press releases/current events/videos
  • Common cancer resources (CI has a reserve of favorites that they will provide)

Regulatory requirements

All public facing information about the site must be approved by the IRB (which must happen before launch). Dr. People’s didn’t sound too concerned about this—they’re looking for accuracy and objectivity. Must avoid promissory or inductive language.