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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cancer Insight do?

Cancer Insight designs, consults, and conducts clinical trials in oncology for early stage development.  We provide data management, electronic data capture system management, clinical operations, regulatory management, biostatistics, medical monitoring, and clinical development solutions for phase I and phase II clinical trials.  Our clients work with us not only because of what we do, but also because of why we do it.  We are more than a CRO.  We are a development partner.  We want to serve patients through the discovery of effective and safe treatments.  We want to serve clients by working with them beyond the study protocol.  We are in a state of constant collaboration with our clients because development is a process.  And during that process, things change, issues arise, and new ideas are created.  Successful development is dependent on this collaborative relationship so that changes are navigated, issues are resolved, and new ideas are explored.

What experience does Cancer Insight have in clinical research?

Cancer Insight grew out of the Cancer Vaccine Development Program, which is a vaccine specialization program founded by Dr. George Peoples. While our vaccine- specific experience is robust, we have experience with other immunotherapies, to include monoclonal antibodies, checkpoint inhibitors, and therapeutic proteins. We also have a well of experience with immune modulation drugs like mTOR inhibitors and microRNAs.

In addition to our list of project inventory, we have serviced the study design and clinical pathway needs for a variety of other companies including Mirna Therapeutics (micro-RNA product), Esperance Pharmaceuticals (therapeutic protein product), AgilVax (vaccine product), Adaptive Biologics (t-cell therapy product), and various others. We also have extensive IND experience. In addition to a network of standing relationships with both academic sites and high- volume enrollment sites, we have developed a robust key opinion leader network.

While Cancer Insight is relatively young in and of itself, we are founded in a clinical, data, and regulatory group that has been conducting trials for over sixteen years and completed over thirty trials. We are intimately familiar with what it takes to conduct a successful trial and have core competencies in data management, regulatory management, and clinical operations and management.

How does Cancer Insight stand out from other CROs in the industry?

Due to our roots in the Cancer Vaccine Development Program, Cancer Insight provides unique value by combining both an academic background and an oncology practice background. As a result, we have an understanding of the full spectrum of oncologic indications from both the research and development side of the solution as well as the commercialization and patient treatment side of the solution. This background has also granted us valuable insight into the various patient populations, the current and evolving standards of care, and has equipped Cancer Insight to provide the upfront planning and regular consultation to assure that the product is well positioned for each of its subsequent stages of development and commercialization.

Our small size allows us to develop a personalized relationship with personal attention on each of our studies. In addition to our experienced team of professionals, Dr. George Peoples leads all of our studies. He is personally involved in each study and remains involved throughout the life of the project. Our goal is to look at the current phase of development as well as the following stages to position the study sponsor for successful product positioning based on current standard of care and industry climate.  We pride ourselves on going beyond the services of a CRO. We are a development partner and go to great efforts to develop that partnership with each study sponsor.

How does Cancer Insight budget for a study?

Our budget processes begin with line item estimates of the requested services based on our experience in a variety of studies, which includes a spectrum of short, intense phase one studies to prolonged, multi-center phase two studies, and the particular protocol demands. Our budget pathway is based on estimated hours, but we abide by a project cost system, not billable hours and expenses. We work with each study sponsor to draft a budget that both parties feel is fair and accurate.

Our project cost is distributed in installment payments over the life of the project.

This provides all parties with valuable predictability and financial forecasting. Project costing reduces the use of change orders, which provides further financial certainty and security. We feel change orders are overused in industry today and only issue such budget changes when the sponsor chooses to implement material changes to the study, such as increasing the number of patients, increasing the number of sites, or a significant increase to the timeline of the study. Project costing is a critical component of our goal to build a relationship with the study sponsor and fulfill our goal as a development partner.  We do not want our study sponsors to feel they will be billed every time they contact us or the study requires action and attention. We encourage a free flow of dialogue and collaboration. Studies are an ongoing, continual project that require ongoing, continual attention.

We use hourly and other billable unit estimates to form our project cost, but once we arrive at a project cost we utilize a fixed budget payable in installments.  We believe in reliable and predictable financial forecasting for our study sponsors and will only deviate from that budget due to significant changes to the project as directed by the study sponsor.  This method of costing allows us to focus on successfully achieving the project tasks without being distracted by billable hours.

Why are your budgets so competitive?

We keep our overhead low.  We utilize proven clinical study practices, but house them in a modern business model.  This keeps our costs to a minimum.  We pass those cost savings to our study sponsors, which allows us to provide the lowest cost and highest value to our study sponsors.

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